Alchemy FX is a vfx outsource services provider, Started on august 2012 with a mission of delivers visual effects and computer graphics  to clients involved in the production of feature films, TV shows, advertisements. We specialize in rotoscopy, cleanup, matchmove,compositing and give high priority to gratify all your Vfx post-production and preparatory work requirements. We strive to mesmerize our clients with spectacular outputs and provide a sense of security that your Vfx needs are being handled by an excellent digital post-production service.


"We extract and spearate
your most simple to
Complex layers" 


"Pulling a key is
complex.Green or blue
screen we give you clean

Paint Prep

"Creation and removal of
appropriate pixels as per
your requirements on your

Tracking and Matchmover

"Recreating your camera
with our expert tracking
team for all your CG


"Bringing it all together the
way you want it."